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The well-loved star of country music, Garth Brooks has been announcing new dates for his 2016 tour since September 2015. His new tour is called the Comeback World Tour and it now includes 140 dates and venues.

The question is -”Why has Garth Brooks Decided to Tour Again?” The answer could be pretty simple. You see, fourteen long years ago, the country music showman played at a stadium in Ireland. At that time, Croke Park in Dublin was still under construction and Garth Brooks made a promise that he would play there again once the huge stadium’s construction was completed.

So, here it is, the year 2015 and tickets for the Garth Brooks Comeback Tour are selling fast, especially in Dublin where Garth will stage a Comeback Tour Special Event at the now completed Croke Park. The country superstar stages the debut night of his upcoming world tour at the 82, 000 seater venue and he will be welcomed back on the road nationally in the US, as well as internationally because his presence on the public stage has been missed. You can find more information about his setlist here.

“What has Garth Brooks been doing since 2001?” Well, this is another question that can be answered easily. Mr Brooks retired from the stage and from public life in 2001. His reason was that he wanted to spend more time with his family and daughters.

This reasoning was accepted by a family-loving, country music-loving American public, but fourteen years is a long time. Although Garth accepted the job of Musician-in-Residence, for a four year term, at Wynn’s Encore Theatre in the gambling town of Las Vegas, where they love to be entertained, his talent has otherwise been hidden from view.

Mr Brooks has also used his special guitar playing and singing abilities to earn money for charity, an action which shows that he has a truly good heart. He has raised significant amounts of dollars for the Californian Firefighting efforts in 2008, for victims of the 2010 floods in Tennessee and survivors of the floods in Oklahoma in the year 2013. Once a guitar man, always a guitar man, as the old saying goes. There’s no better way to raise money than singing and playing the guitar.


Garth Brooks does not have to sing for his supper though. His popularity has reached all the way around the world and no doubt his tour will be sold out, as he has already sold out 5 concerts at Croke Park. In his career so far he has won so many awards that it would be impossible to list them all here. Suffice it to say he has garnered two Grammy Awards, twenty two Academy of Country Music Awards, twelve American Music Awards, three ASCAP Awards, seventeen Billboard Music Awards, two Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, One Canadian Country Music Award, four Country Music Association Awards, and believe it or not, the list goes on, to finally include two People’s Choice Awards and one World Music Award.

So how old is Garth Brooks? He was born on February 7th, 1962 which makes him just 53 years old in 2015.

Some other interesting trivia about Garth Brooks is that 240,000 tickets were sold in ninety minutes for his upcoming World Tour. This is a world record for the fastest-selling concert tickets and it demonstrates just how popular Garth Brooks still is after his leave of absence according to Contender. He has not been forgotten, in fact, the country music crowd are extremely keen to see him perform again.

He will also appear on the Jay Leno show on its last night on air. Garth Brooks may be a sentimental as well as a supremely talented man to accept this appearance, because he and the comedian Billy Crystal were the first to appear on Jay Leno’s show, in 1992.

The question about why Garth Brooks is going on tour again after all these years has been answered. Nobody can really predict how the tour will go, except perhaps by the fast ticket sales, which demonstrate how pleased people are to see Mr Brooks on stage again. Chances are that it will be a highly successful tour, sold out in many venues and Garth Brooks may even win some more awards for the new hits he will play during the Garth Brooks World Comeback Tour.

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About Car Racing

Posted By on Nov 1, 2015

What Is Car Racing?

Car racing that is a sport that involves racing of automobiles for competition. The aim of the car racing event is to set the fastest time in a number of laps that has been previously set, or at a given time limit.


How Are Winners Determined?

downloadThe order is determined by the race time. In other words, the fastest driver is the first, the second fastest takes the second prize and so on. If a driver fails to complete their race, for any reason, they are disqualified from the race, and they are commonly referred to as ‘retired’ or ‘out’ of the race. These drivers take their positions in the order in which they retired; in other words, those that were to retire first finish the race last, and so on.

Basic Rules And Regulations

pitstop3-bigSince there are numerous categories of car racing, there aren’t also numerous rules and regulations for each of them. Some include compulsory pit stops and car regulations, which are necessary for all cars and drivers to comply. Rules and regulations are necessary though, and all participants must obey them, unless they want to be disqualified from the race.

Flag System Of Communication

504bc90399ae6Auto races use communication system in which flags are used. Flags are displayed to indicate general status of the track and to communicate the instruction to competitors. Of course, individual series have different rules, and some flags have changes throughout the years, but the following flags are generally accepted:
Green Flag – the session has started or it was resumed after a full course caution or stop. The green flag signifies the end of hazardous section of track.
Yellow Flag – means a local area of caution. Also, depending on the type of racing, sometimes even two yellow flags will be used for full course caution or sign with ‘SC’. Also, sometimes the yellow flag signifies that no cars may pass at the particular corner where the flag is being displayed.
Black Flag – the black flag is usually used with a racing car number in order to summon the car to pit for consultation. It is used to halt the session and allow all cars to return to pit lane. This black flag can also be used in combination with green flag in order to indicate oil on track. Therefore, this combination of flags is usually referred to as ‘pickle’ flag combination.

Car Racing And Risk Taking

Needless to say, but car racing can be a very dangerous sport, hobby and activity. People who are adrenaline junkies usually love sports which allow them to be the risk-takers, but this can sometimes even prove to be fatal. Furthermore, the drivers expose themselves to vibration and G forces for years of car racing, and is ultimately may have a negative effect on their musculoskeletal conditions that they might develop. If you plan to practice this sport, make sure that you take all the necessary precautions and follow rules and regulations.


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